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August 23, 2007

Focus on Photography: the photography of Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, better known as Chema Madoz , a Spanish photographer, most popular for his black and white surrealist photographs. (Source: DavidAirey.com )

Big news in the digital camera world!

Spoonfed Photoshop Tutorials  has lots of excellent Photoshop tutorials, each with a downloadable PSD file.

Seam Carving  is a content-aware image resizing technique from Dr Ariel Shamir and Shai Avidan of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science. Revealed at SIGGRAPH, this new method of image resizing looks for seams (not simple columns or rows) of pixels with the "least energy" to preserve important image content such as human subjects or other details. (Source: John Nack's Blog )

Also from John Nack's Blog, Flash video goes high-def .

Here are a few interesting articles from mezzoblue , home of fellow Canadian designer Dave Shea:

Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor , created in collaboration with WebAssist, makes it drop-dead easy to create standards-compliant, two- and three-column CSS layouts in Adobe Dreamweaver. (Source: zeldman.com )

Sizzlin' Summer

August 15, 2007

Things have been really busy this month (in a good way)!

I just completed another small set of icons for Remsoft. The icons were designed to compliment a set of stock icons that the client had already purchased.

I also created a magazine cover design for On the Spot Photo, for an upcoming equestrian event: it's a Photoshop template into which a customer's photo may be inserted as a souvenir of the event.

I'm also working on a design and branding job for a large Canadian association.

And between design contracts, I've been busy with photo shoots and writing custom Photoshop scripts.

Some Interesting Links

August 15, 2007

Check out "Arcadia" by Benjamin Leitgeb , a very interesting, step-by-step painting tutorial.

According to Mozilla Links, it looks like Firefox 3 will have color management support . Cool!

Slashdot recently posted an interesting article about a new technology that Seamlessly Patches Holes in Images .

If you've ever needed to copy text or files between machines, then check out cl1p.net , the Internet clipboard.

Out of the more than 1800 commercial fonts released in 2006, Typographica.org has selected their Favorite Fonts of 2006 .

Stuck for a design idea? Then try the Idea Generator , recommended by creativebits.org.