June 2007 – July 2008
Gemtec Logo

Gemtec Limited  is an employee-owned and -operated consulting company, located in New Brunswick, Canada, that specializes in Civil, Environmental, and Transportation Engineering, as well as Testing and Inspection services.

For this project, I was asked to completely redesign Gemtec's corporate website. Success criteria included: a modern and attractive look-and-feel; intuitive navigation that allowed their clients to quickly find the information they were looking for; and ease of maintenance.

In designing and creating Gemtec’s website, Trevor was able to respond to our needs quickly, take input from a number of staff members, and produce the results we were looking for!”
— Shaun Pelkey (M.Sc., P.Eng.), Senior Environmental Engineer
Gemtec, Canada

Project Showcase

UXO Brochure

A double-sided, three-panel brochure to advertise Gemtec's Unexploded Ordnance services. (view)

Gemtec Website 2008

A refresh of Gemtec's website , which adds icons for each division of the company, and a new colour palette based on earth tones. (view)

Gemtec Website 2007

Gemtec's new tabbed-based website is modern-looking, intuitive, and employs a semantic design that separates content, aesthetics and functionality in order to facilitate maintenance. (view)