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1999 – 2001

This page contains a sample of some 3D models that I've created over the years. Most were for personal projects, but some were created for for clients.

Everything on this pages was modeled and rendered using NewTek Lightwave 5.6 .

3D Showcase

Amiga 3000

This is one of my earliest 3D projects, done in 1999, just before parting ways with my Amiga 3000. I modeled and textured all of the objects in this scene. (view)

Vernier Calipers

This set of digital Vernier calipers was modeled for a small freelance project in 2001. (view)

Vernier Calipers

Another set of Vernier calipers, created for a personal project in in 2000. (view)

USS Enterprise

This was my first attempt at 3D modeling. I originally began modeling this starship back in 1998 (maybe even earlier) using Impulse Imagine 2.0. (view)

USS Enterprise

Another render of the same model as above, viewed from a different angle. (view)

Token Ring

This was done a long time ago and was originally created for use in a telephony and infrastructure eLearning product. (view)