Highslide JS 3.3 Available

November 29, 2007

Highslide JS  a super-slick JavaScript-based viewer developed by Torstein Hønsi. I use it on this site (in the Photography and Design sections, among others) to provide a convenient way for people to view larger images without launching a separate page, and without having to download any plugins. Highslide JS is highly customizable, easy to install/integrate, uses standard Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and it's also free (for non-commercial use).

Custom Photoshop Scripts

November 25, 2007

I've been doing a lot of custom Photoshop scripting lately, and here's what some of my clients are saying:

Trevor was very easy to work with: he was clear, patient and quick to respond to queries, which made the project straightforward. He was also very helpful at putting forward suggestions that I would not have known to be possible in order to improve the capabilities of what we were working with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with Trevor.”
— Debbie Metherell
United Kingdom
From the outset, working with Trevor has been brilliant. Everything from asking for a quotation to the delivery of the goods. Even when there were a few teething problems, Trevor was able to provide a solution. Even with Trevor in Canada and I in the UK, everything was handled as if he lived just across the road! Thanks a Million. I can recommend working with him anytime.”
— Nigel Davison,
2tone Creative Photography
It was great working with Trevor as he created a script for use in my movie series, Photoshop CS3 for the Web, on lynda.com. Trevor was fast, responsive, and gracious, and his product was right on.”
— Jan Kabili
Photoshop Author/Trainer

If you have a project that you'd like to discuss with me, please contact me with the details and I'd be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Photoshop Scripting Tutorials

November 25, 2007

Speaking of scripting, here are a couple of new tutorials that I've written to help you learn how to script Photoshop for yourself:

Links from the "Interweb"

November 25, 2007

Making headlines:

News from Adobe:

For the photo enthusiast:

A Pleasant Shopping Experience

November 25, 2007

It's not often that I post this sort of thing, but I gotta tell you; I recently purchased a few digital camera accessories from B&H Photo , and it was the most pleasant online shopping experiences I've ever had!

First off, I really like the B&H website : it's well-organized, easy to navigate, the filters are brilliant and easy to use, and everything I was looking for was available and in stock.

I was also impressed with how quickly my order shipped (the same day) and then arrived at my doorstep (in Canada) a mere few days after I placed the order.

Anyway, if you've never ordered from B&H Photo  before, why not give them a try? I know where I'll be making my future camera purchases. Your mileage may vary. ;)

Disclaimer: Note that no one is paying me to say any of this; I'm not getting any click-through revenue; and I'm in no way affiliated with B&H Photo .